Yoga for the soul

It’s a hard fact that yoga is pretty much my favourite pass time, I love the way it ignites the goodness in my heart and mind, I love being astounded at what my body is able, or often not able to do on any given day, and the general feelings of bliss I experience during a session.

In my career I have taught yoga to all walks of life, Ive taught wheel chair yoga to kids, helped reduce corporate stress in the work environment, taught in a high-rise yoga studio in Hong kong, and even had a regular class for sailors held on a white sand Caribbean beach.

I still walk away from every class feeling like I have contributed to the happiness of the students in some way, and that my efforts to interpret yoga left a mark.

Recently I started teaching at a drug and alcohol rehab, initially I went with a set idea of what I would experience and how I would teach, I was excited to be offering a new tool to these people in need, but what I didn’t expect was how well received it would be.

The clients have gone through the heavy detox else where and have been clean for a few weeks when I meet them, but of course the remnants of abuse as still present.

There is one thing that is always the same, the saddest in their eyes, I used to get briefed about their situations and addictions, and now I prefer not to know, I try to give my most unjudgmental and open self to them, and in every case they have always been willing to try what I offer, and every case at the end of savasana, there is a sense of recognition and hope in their eyes, and a beautiful reconnecting of the mind and the body again.

This is the most satisfying yoga I have ever taught, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to use something I love so much to bring life happiness and self respect back to these beautiful souls.

Namaste x