Bridging the gap

Can I really do this thing I love as a job? Can I create a sustainable career? Can I still afford to live a comfortable lifestyle? The answer is YES!

To start bridging the gap consider going part-time in your current career, so that you can free up whole days for teaching, this way you always have a predictable income as you build your career. Make sure you have all your required business licenses and insurance sorted, then start talking to the studios you attend, create new connections in locations that feel like a good fit for you, and don’t feel shy about talking about your availability and willingness to cover classes. This will keep you fresh in the minds of those who are co-ordinating the timetables.

In my experience once you say to the universe in you thoughts and actions that this is what you want, the flood gates open. My original teacher training was in Ashtanga, but I had never taught the full primary series. The first cover I was asked to do was an Ashtanga class, not to mention I was covering for an incredibly gifted teacher (Santina if you are reading this, you are so inspirational!). The fear of failure, fear of disappointing the students and studio owner started clouding my mind. I was on the edge of saying “no, I can’t” when my intuition and faith whispered “say yes, you can”. So I did and that was the start of my amazing, supportive and nurturing relationship with Michelle Cassidy (Merrifield) and 14 years of teaching now at Essence of Living on the Gold Coast.

When starting out please bare in mind that the life of a yoga or pilates teacher whose main classes are at studios and gyms, generally mean early morning and late nights. Depending on where you live you may spend a lot of time in your car getting to classes, so try to strike a balance early on and keep everything as local as possible.

Decide how much you want to teach. Be specific about where and when. Make the room in your life allowing this to be possible, be positive, trust you are enough, be persistent, and get ready to say YES!

Hollie x