Interview with the extraordinary Lance Schuler

I clearly remember meeting Lance for the first time. He has this incredible ability to see you, and there is no hiding. He has an electric presence and a commitment to this practice that runs so deeply through him. He lives what he teaches and I just adore him.

When did you find yoga?
“After a successful judo experience for 15 years (even a NZ Judo Champion), I discovered Yoga in the late 70’s in Auckland New Zealand. My first class a classic bunch of 70-year-old women frolicking with so much happiness, this was my inspiration to what Yoga can do for humanity. I was hooked in an instant.”

What is your greatest challenge?
“it is to inspire, educate and motivate as many people on this planet to unite in peace; peace within themselves and as a process and consequence of this learning, understanding and integration; peace to all sentient beings and species.”

What is your recipe for a happy life?
“To work hard and play even harder. Value the time we have in every life-time and ensure you take the opportunity to pursue your inner purpose and dreams reach out from your heart always, don’t believe you are what you think, find that deep inner you and go for it. It’s not about what you gather but what you scatter. Make every obstacle an opportunity to step-up and grow. Ultimately I have been driven by a deep connection to my God state (I guess) seeking  a union and pleasantness of  healthy mind, (peace and freedom), body (a healthy body is a natural state of spirituality), and full heartedness (joy and happiness). This will establish a true and intimate connection to the natural and intelligent rhythm of a safe and sacred passage of my life. My birth-rite.”

What’s next?
“My current project at the minute is the establishment of a generic Yoga Ashram in Shanghai China. A project that gives back to the Peoples Republic Of China after hosting our Team there for the past 12 years. The construction is well underway, 60 km’s out of Shanghai Central on a beautiful lakes edge. The facility will house up to 120 resident students .Its my dream unfolding and I am super stoked to be part of this.”

Your advice for creating a sustainable teaching career?
“Would be to continually do the work and it will come. Be genuine, keep up your practice, balancing your time to all of the limbs of yoga, (an absolute must).Teach from your own genuine experience of your practice. Be guided by the uniqueness of every class session. Remember your students are your teachers, guiding you towards the teacher in yourself; respect your teachers.”

Lances Bio

I Gained my life’s values growing up in a dynamic, connected, loving and extremely fearless bunch of 6 brothers. Country living in The Bay Of Plenty New Zealand. The perfect backdrop to find and explore nature in yourself and the country.

I attained a degree in Industrial Psychology, Economics and Business Studies in the late 70’s. Couldn’t hack the city living and neckties. I found yoga and through yoga connected the find me.

I have been practicing and teaching Yoga for almost 40 years. My initial trainings were through the Iyengar Institute, and as I established my practices after my formal training period naturally modified my approach more suited to the current social, technological impacts, environmental impacts , health deterioration, and other factors that disconnect us from our natural state. I initially instructed Yoga locally throughout Australia and New Zealand having established teaching Centers in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast (QLD) and Byron Bay (NSW). I have been practicing and teaching yoga in Byron Bay for the past 25 years. I have travelled abroad extensively for the past 20 years teaching retreats, workshops, teacher training courses, seminars and conferences. These experiences take me to great locations and differing cultures such as Bali, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Dubai, Morocco, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Russia, Switzerland, London, Germany, Italy, Austria, and others.

My banner is INSPYA Yoga (Integrated South Pacific Yoga Academy). Our team has instructed and certified over 3000 teachers around the globe to spread the love and integrity of this amazing practice.

I am passionate about yoga and life; I love my teaching colleagues all around the world. I have the absolute adoration and gratitude for my life partner Susan (PhD in Nutritional Science / Physio Hygienist ..My chief teacher and strength in me to pursue my dreams). My 2 daughters Santosha and Lesharn guide me continuously to youth and eternal life. I surf when I can , love gardening with my family, care a lot for nature, love vegan food, sharing family time, and look forward to what my life has to offer and how I can positively impact those I  cross paths with..NAMASTE

Lance, that was so insightful and testament to the living legend you are. Thank you so much for your time and wisdom.

Hollie x