Interview with the luminous Carrie-Anne Fields

I have always admired Carrie-Anne from afar. In person she truly is filled with so much light, and genuine love for life and the healing arts of yoga. I know we all look to those who have carved out a sustainable career with wide eyed wonder. I loved digging a little deeper to understand her journey.

Carrie-Anne founded My Health Yoga in 1998, specialising in yoga, counseling and healing. She holds a degree in psychology, and is certified in yoga, acupuncture, kinesiology, reiki and Ka Huna Bodywork.  Carrie-Anne is an accredited Level 3 Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia and represents Australia as a board member of the World Movement for Yoga & Ayurveda. Carrie-Anne as the head teacher of My Health Yoga, has trained over 2000 yoga teachers and healers.

What lead you to yoga?
“I first started practicing yoga with my Mum at age 16.  I found yoga really challenging and was doing it as a fitness workout.  Then I really needed yoga for spiritual and emotional reasons when I was 22 as I was already ‘partied out’ having lived in London for 9 months where I loved going out to dance clubs.  I’m so joyous that my soul was yearning for something deeper in my life and yoga was the perfect antidote!  I’ve never looked back since those turbulent days and thank God everyday that yoga and spirituality is a part of my life.”

What is your biggest challenge?
“My biggest challenge is matching up my creative side with my physical energy.  I am forever conjuring up new ideas and plans for my business life and serving others in a spiritual capacity, and can get incredibly excited in the moment of ‘downloading’ these new creative visions.  Then the reality of being in the physical body where things take time to manifest can frustrate me.  I love having lots of time to rest and dream and don’t believe in working all the time. I find that I get challenged keeping the balance between my natural need for rest and meditation and my need to manifest and achieve my dreams.  I’ve learnt to trust in what my feelings are guiding me to do in the present moment and not to feel guilty if I need to stop for a while.  In fact, when I stop and rest/meditate, productivity increases and it’s a joyous unfolding rather than a forced effort.”

What is your recipe for a happy life?
“To work hard and play even harder. Value the time we have in every life-time and ensure you take the opportunity to pursue your inner purpose and dreams. Reach out from your heart always. Don’t believe you are what you think. Find that deep inner you and go for it. It’s not about what you gather but what you scatter. Make every obstacle an opportunity to step-up and grow. Ultimately I have been driven by a deep connection to my God state (I guess); seeking  a union and pleasantness of  healthy mind, (peace and freedom), body (a healthy body is a natural state of spirituality), and full heartedness (joy and happiness). This will establish a true and intimate connection to the natural and intelligent rhythm of a safe and sacred passage of my life. My birth-rite.”

What lights up your soul?
“My partner and dogs, but also spending time alone connected to Universal Energy.  I also adore the connection with my students and fellow teachers and the loving waves of energy we collectively create in the world.”

Career highlight?
“Everyday I have a career highlight in terms of receiving gratitude for the work I do from devoted trainees.  I don’t think there is anything more rewarding than knowing that you helped plant the seed of unconditional self-love in someone’s life-path.  It’s as simple as that – we all need someone to ‘hold the space’ for us – to see us clearly and to help us remove our spiritual amnesia when we forgot that we are a perfect beautiful being of love and light. Other highlights have been launching our yoga and healers courses internationally and having trainees from every continent.  Also being on the cover of Australian Yoga Journal last year was fun!”

What’s next?
“We are launching new courses both in-studio and online this year:  Yoga Massage Practitioner Training, Restorative Yoga Teacher Training plus Acu Yoga  Teacher Training (based on the science of meridians, organs and prana) and Yoga Therapy next year.  We are also filming our Yin Yoga TT in Italian this August in Rome with an Italian yoga teacher friend of mine.  One of our main facilitators Carlos, who is Mexican is also translating all our courses into Spanish and Japanese (he lived in Japan for 5 years and speaks and writes Japanese fluently).”

What advice can you offer for creating a sustainable teaching career?
“BE YOURSELF!  Teach from your heart and don’t ever be embarrassed to be authentically YOU.  So often I see new teachers model themselves on other teachers or new studios trying to be ‘too cool’ with their formulas for success, yet these are the teachers and studios that I witness struggling to succeed.  Yoga in my mind should always be a heart-based offering where love, kindness, compassion, integrity, and intuition are the ‘tools’ used to succeed.  Any gimmicks used to get ahead may help you be noticed in the short term yet will not be sustainable.  Fads come and go, yet yoga is ancient and has stood the test of time, so why try to be some edgy, hip yoga teacher that will fade when the current trend changes?”

Thank-you so much for your wisdom Carrie-Anne you are such a sweet soul x

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Love, Hollie x