Meet the delightful and seriously inspiring Erin Bourne

Erin is one of those people that you meet and fall in love with for how she sees the world. She is a committed seeker of wisdom and knowledge in equal measures. Erin has created a sustainable teaching career through mixing her modalities and that combination has satisfied her scientific mind and yogi heart.

While her path may appear random at first glance there is a coherent theme that draws the threads together. Erin is fired by curiosity about the way the body moves and how the body, mind and soul relate, and change each other. She has qualified in Bachelors of Exercise Science and Education as well as completing advanced training in Yoga, Pilates, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation and Myofascial Release.

When did you fall in love with yoga and pilates?
I first fell in love with yoga when I was 21 but it was an on/off thing. I started with Iyengar and while it is amazing, I would sometimes be bored with the more static nature of it. My love got serious when I discovered vinyasa (flow) a few years later, then intense when I found Ashtanga. Pilates came along when I was in my thirties and I decided it was time to seriously address my lack of core strength, mostly to improve my yoga practice!

What is your greatest challenge?
Generally my biggest challenge is keeping my drivers license! I’m driving so much between classes and my accelerator foot gets heavy. That and making time for my own practice.

What is your recipe for happiness?
The ingredients change as I evolve but they all boil down to figuring out who you really are and then honouring that person.  Everything else is just a part of that, finding balance between work, social and me time, looking after myself, the projects and classes I take on or don’t, even the relationships I cherish or let go. They are all just expressions of who and where I am, and what makes me happy in that phase of life. I’m not sure if that is cliché or cryptic but it’s what I’ve got.

Who do you look to for inspiration?
I am inspired by authenticity and vulnerability, anyone showing up in the world as themselves, wholeheartedly and unapologetically. Those who are taking risks, following their passion and expressing their own version of creativity, whether as a hobby, a style or professionally.

What’s next?
I have a couple of projects bubbling away. I’m deep into writing a yoga anatomy book, connecting the physiology with the energetics of yoga in one book. Essentially writing the book I’ve been searching for to satisfy my Science brain and my Fairy heart. My other project is big and scary and freaking exciting. It’s a holistic movement method, which incorporates various modalities I have found exceptional, ancient wisdom meeting current physiological research.

What is your advice for creating a sustainable teaching career?
Oooh this is a big one. First, and I can’t stress this enough, make and fiercely hold space for you own practice, you will need it. Next, while it sounds glamorous to quit the day job and go full time yogi, the reality is not so much. Try to ease into it, going part time with the steady income job as you build your classes and client base, these things take time. If you don’t have your own studio, keep your classes as local to you as possible, try to do back-to-back if it’s further away. Only take on classes that you love, some will just feel like a chore. You have no idea how great it was when I decided not to teach kids yoga EVER again. Love the idea, had zero fun with the reality of it. Play to your strengths and find your tribe basically.

Currently you can find Erin sharing all that she learns through yoga and pilates classes, regular workshops on mobility, the mind-body connection, and functional movement. Erin also teaches on yoga teacher trainings, specialising in Anatomy, both in Australia and overseas. Her writing can be found monthly on her blog and in print.

Thank-you so much for your wisdom and honestly Erin, I enjoyed every word!

Love, Hollie x