Yoga Teaching App: Necessity is the mother of invention

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I love everything about being a yoga teacher. I love the creativity of weaving intentions and philosophies into the classes I teach. I love seeing the physical benefits of the practice in others, and the realisations achieved by those students on so many levels. I love the connection and the community and the sheer bliss […]

Emily Kane: Creating a teaching career in Whistler

Emily Kane calls Whistler, B.C. home, but she loves to travel and explore. Outside of teaching, she is passionate about snowboarding, hiking, cooking, reading, writing, and more. Being outdoors is a meaningful part of her life! She believes finding balance is the key which is why she appreciates the beauty in a quiet, seated meditation […]

Refreshing Recipe: Coconut Mango Rose Cups with Cardamom and Maple Glazed Pistachios

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Please enjoy this very yogic, Ayurvedic recipe from beautiful Wholesome Loving Goodness creator Lorien Waldron. This is a delicious, simple, easy-to-prepare refreshing recipe made from a base of plain coconut yoghurt. There are a few stages to preparing this recipe, however once you’ve mixed up the three different layers of filling, it is so fast and easy […]

Meet Natasya Yusoff ~ The Motivational Yogi

The Motivational Yogi Natasya graduated with a Diploma in Yoga from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in 2014 and went straight into teaching 15 classes a week for the next 3 years. In a previous life she was a professional actor both in Malaysia and New Zealand, and for the last 8 years she ran […]

Exciting new updates for the Omm Collective app

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New features on the Omm Collective app Send invoices as PDF attachments via email. Create your own customised invoice email message template to send to your clients. Upload your own logo to attach to invoices. Improved usability of preferences / billing areas to make them easier to understand. Colour coded alerts indicating your Booked Invoiced […]