Exciting new updates for the Omm Collective app

New features on the Omm Collective app

  1. Send invoices as PDF attachments via email.
  2. Create your own customised invoice email message template to send to your clients.
  3. Upload your own logo to attach to invoices.
  4. Improved usability of preferences / billing areas to make them easier to understand.
  5. Colour coded alerts indicating your Booked Invoiced or Paid classes.
  6. Numerous small bug fixes and improvements of Omm Collective app.

If you were one of our earlier adopters and found the app quite clunky and a bit temperamental, please log in again and check out the changes! http://app.ommcollective.com OMM has come a long way, and I know personally it has been amazing for how I manage myself.

There is no getting away from needing cloud based accounting anymore, so why not use OMM and have the added benefit of all the industry specific features – like my favourite – record keeping – “Hmmm what play list did I use last week in class?? What sequence or area did I focus on? Were there any medical notes to keep in mind???”

If you keep great notes you add an extra layer of professionalism. And remember – the more you use OMM the more valuable it becomes. Like any new tool it takes a bit of time to get the hang of it, but then it’s a breeze!

Features we’re currently planning/working on based on your amazing feedback!

Feature Roadmap

  1. User experience improvements, including a prompt to add the app on to your home screen on set up.
  2. Simplifying the tax setup.
  3. Exporting reports in PDF version.
  4. Simplifying user account / billing / preferences.
  5. Improving experience for browsing bookings across different timespans.
  6. Improving all system generated messages.
  7. Improving styling of system generated emails.
  8. Setup of an online booking calendar for customers to book into. Note: we are currently focusing on perfecting Omm Collective for teachers first before we plan on tackling the major functionality for studios. We appreciate your patience as always.