Your Future and Ours: How to be present + a look to the future of Omm

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A simple meditation for presence Let go of the future and learn to experience the beautiful here and now with this easy meditation practice. Try this practice first thing in the morning to set up for a blissful day! Many of us are experienced yogis, but sometimes it’s nice to invite a beginner’s mind and bring […]

Invoice with Omm: 10 easy steps for yoga & pilates teachers

Our goal at Omm Collective is to make the lives of yoga and pilates teachers more relaxing. We simplify the admin and invoice side of things so you can spend more time doing what you love! But what we find sometimes, is that people can get a little overwhelmed by the idea of something new, […]

Mindful Living: 3 steps to a harmonious life

The idea of mindful living is prominent in the new millennium. It is based around mindfulness; which is energy that allows us to recognize that happiness is already present inside us. However it is usually covered up by stress, depression, worry, and unconscious awareness. Mindful living allows us to create a more peaceful and harmonious lifestyle in our fast-paced world. Mindfulness is learning to arrive […]

Injuries in Yoga & Pilates: Prevention + how Omm can help

They Happen A recent University of Sydney study examined 354 mostly middle aged yogis (from beginners to advanced). Although the study was based around yoga, it is relevant to pilates teachers and students, particularly when it comes to poses that work on the upper body. After the study, ten percent of participants reported having new musculoskeletal […]

5 ways to simplify your life

1. Start your day with 5 minutes to centre At the beginning of each day (perhaps after your yoga and meditation practice), give yourself just 5 minutes to get centred, plan your day and simplify . Look over your Omm Collective calendar and see what bookings you have, and take a moment to consider other […]