5 ways to simplify your life

1. Start your day with 5 minutes to centre

At the beginning of each day (perhaps after your yoga and meditation practice), give yourself just 5 minutes to get centred, plan your day and simplify . Look over your Omm Collective calendar and see what bookings you have, and take a moment to consider other things that will nourish you. Make a mental note of what time you will take for yourself. By giving yourself a set time to do something, it’s more likely that you will achieve that goal and simplify. Say out loud to yourself ‘At 12pm today I will stop what I am doing and breathe for five minutes’ or ‘At 3pm today I will meet my friend for a chai.’

2. Keep notes on your students

You likely have a lot of students, so from time to time will understandably forget their names, injuries and class preferences. Perhaps one student loved the playlist you used last class, and you made a mental note to remember but later forgot. Or another student confided that she is in the early stages of pregnancy, but you can’t for the life of you remember which student it was! It’s easy to simplify with Omm! Simply open the web app (which can be saved to your phone’s home screen), click on Customers, choose which customer, click Edit Customer, then scroll down to type a note. This will be saved for next time you click on that same customer.

3. Re-centre to simplify before you teach

Right before you teach, take a few minutes to look over your customer notes (explained in point 2). Whilst you’re doing this, breathe deeply into your belly. As your student/s arrive, you will remember their name, injuries and any other important information that will allow you to confidently teach the class with presence.

4. If it can be done in one minute, do it now

This is a great tip if you have a tendency to procrastinate then feel overwhelmed later on. Give yourself a challenge. If something can be done in a minute, instead of leaving it for later, just do it now. With the Omm Collective app, invoicing is made so easy that you simply press a few buttons on your phone. No more turning on the computer (although the app can be used on a desktop if you wish). No more messy paper invoices. Less screen time. More time for you!

5. Be prepared for tax time

Instead of waiting until the end of the financial year and showing up to your accountant’s office with a handful of faded receipts, write down any business expenses as they happen. Just bought a new mat? Save it in your notes (including the date and how much it cost)! simply create a new customer and call her ‘Tax Time’ or whatever tickles your fancy! give her a dummy email address, as this is just for your record keeping, and away you go! you can copy these notes and email them directly to your accountant.

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