Invoice with Omm: 10 easy steps for yoga & pilates teachers

Our goal at Omm Collective is to make the lives of yoga and pilates teachers more relaxing. We simplify the admin and invoice side of things so you can spend more time doing what you love!

But what we find sometimes, is that people can get a little overwhelmed by the idea of something new, especially when it involves technology. So we’re here to spell it out for you – step by step- so you can see just how easy Omm is, and start using it to improve your career today.

Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Head on back to the home page to sign up today. Remember, Omm Collective is a WEB app, so you won’t find it on the app store. But you can easily save it to your phone screen. See our blog post here to find out how.

10 simple steps to invoicing

If you haven’t already entered your classes:
1. Go to your OMM calendar. In the top right hand corner use the + symbol to add your classes (bookings). The recurring bookings feature is really handy if you teach the same class every week.

Creating and sending your invoice

2. Go to your invoice section
3. Use the + symbol to create your invoice
4. Select the customer (studio of client)
5. Select ‘generate from bookings’
6. Select your classes (you can do this in bulk)
7. Review the descriptions of your classes – this is where you can edit the price etc.
8. Select save
You will then be taken back to the invoice section where your latest invoice will be saying “NEW”.
9. Click “NEW” to preview, then use the 3 dots in the top right hand corner to either “edit invoice”,  “email invoice” or even “delete invoice”
10. Spend more time doing what you love!

Access your app on your phone or in the desk top version at