Your Future and Ours: How to be present + a look to the future of Omm

A simple meditation for presence

Let go of the future and learn to experience the beautiful here and now with this easy meditation practice. Try this practice first thing in the morning to set up for a blissful day! Many of us are experienced yogis, but sometimes it’s nice to invite a beginner’s mind and bring it back to basics.

Find a comfortable position

If sitting, perhaps place yourself on a cushion or block, making sure your spine is long and you can be still for a while. If this is uncomfortable, find another position – even lying down or sitting on a chair. But try to set yourself up so that you won’t fall asleep. A great trick when lying down is to bend your elbow and elevate your arm, so that you feel it falling if you start to drift off.

Shift from thinking to sensing

Repeat the mantra “I let go of the past and the future, and rest in the beautiful now.”


It’s so easy to become caught up in an endless cycle of brain chatter and analysis. See if you can start to shift your awareness to your sensations instead. It sounds so simple, but sometimes we need a little reminder. Listen to the sounds around you. Tune into the sensation of air around you, and of clothing touching your skin. Notice any thoughts that arise. Feel your breath gently moving in and out of your body – through your nostrils and into the belly.

  • Sounds Focus on the clearest sounds first, then slowly begin to notice more subtle sounds. You don’t need to identify the cause of the sounds – simply allow your awareness to jump from one sound to the next.
  • Bodily sensations Feel the connection between your body and the floor, of muscle tightness, sensations and vibrations throughout your body. Watch how the sensations come and go without trying to change them.
  • Thoughts Witness your thoughts arise and pass, without trying to analyse them or going into lengthy stories. Notice if you start to follow the stories and see if you can bring your attention back to your point of focus. A good way to do this is to notice the thoughts, label them and let them go. Just a simple word to describe the thought is enough. After a while, it becomes like watching clouds drift through a clear blue sky. Keep your attention on the spaces between, when the clouds pass and the mind is clear.
  • Breathing Observe the rhythm of your breath, and where you are breathing, paying special attention to the way the breath changes as you become more relaxed.

Some of our plans for the future of OMM:

Having said that 😉 we pride ourselves on responding to your feedback and listening to your needs, so some focus on the future is needed. We can of course still be in the present while planning for the future. We have created Omm in an order that allows us to first take care of the wonderful teachers and then to focus our sights further.

Our plans include:

#1 Payments accepted though the app
#2 Students to log in and pay though the app
#3 Integration with Xero
#4 Class functionality
#5 Turn this OMM web-app into a fully fledged mobile app

How we plan to add these features:

– Focus on what we have created for you first – refining and streamlining our processes
– As user numbers grow (my dream number is 1000 members) we will be able to develop the next stages incrementally, alongside the existing app.

We need your help

Let us know you thoughts and suggestions! You can contact us directly through the help section of the app or in our OMM Collective FB group.

Remember we are here for you  🙏🏼