Thank you to our Omm supporters

On the path to creating OMM we have made some beautiful connections, solidifying for me why I love working in this industry.

Today, I’d love to share with you some of these connections and thank them for their support and input into all that OMM has become.

Jessica Humphries

Where would I be without her support? As the talented editor of Australian Yoga Journal. Jess offers her incredible skills as a copy writer and all round word wizard. She helps with Omm’s website rewrites and content creation and gives unconditional love and support. Jess is always interested to hear what’ new in the yoga world and works from her heart, always.

Michelle Cassidy

My amazing longtime friend and owner of Essence of Living,  where I have had the privilege of teaching for over a decade here on the Gold Coast. Thank you for giving me the freedom to use the beautiful studio for the OMM launch party and promo video filming, and for sharing the OMM app with all of your teacher trainees. Essence of Living offers world class yoga, pilates and barre teacher trainings each year, supporting teachers to achieve their dreams.

Carrie-Anne Fields

I am so grateful for the overwhelming support from Carrie-Ann from My Health Yoga. Carrie is a committed yogi and long time teacher trainer who has created an insurance company especially for yogis! So you know your needs are being taken care of by a genuine yogi. Check out My Health Association for all the deets. Did I mention they provide the best teacher insurance pricing around?!

Lauren Bunce

Lauren from Your Personal Connection in the early days reached out and offered her support. She has been such a wonderful sounding board. In essence, YPC is a job board connecting yoga and pilates teachers with work opportunities and vice versa. If you are from Melbourne of Sydney check it out.

Suzanne Dulin

This amazing NYC based mentor and sounding board has totally kept me on track with an incredible skill set as a technical writer, business adviser and yogi. She’s the founder of Sadhanaand helps cultivate and refine your message and methods to achieving success in your Yoga Business.


Yoga digital marketing academy Facebook page – so much support, education and wisdom.

Not to mention my incredible early adopters who have bridged the gap between concept and reality! Thank you with all my heart – Erin, Lana, Somer, Todd, Lesley, Crystal, Karen R and Phil for all your honestly and tenacity!

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