How to hold space: The ultimate guide for yoga teachers

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As yoga teachers we are responsible for holding space for students. In this space physical, emotional and mental experiences will arise and dissipate. It is part of your role to ensure that people feel safe throughout these waves of experience. This requires both strength and compassion as you allow yourself to be a container without […]

How to host a yoga retreat

The idea of hosting your first yoga retreat can be both daunting and exhilarating. There are so many variables to consider. As yoga teachers and lovers of all things wellness, our expertise can often be far from that of the business-minded. The pressure is on to promote ourselves, but it can feel nauseating just thinking […]

10 steps to being a good yoga teacher

1. Make your teaching about your students Letting go of your attachment to ego is something that, although you aspire to, is easier said than done. Especially when you first start to teach – you’re craving approval and validation that you’re doing a good job. Sometimes, this can sidetrack you from the real reason you […]

How fascia can help us to unravel deeply held tension

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Once you’ve experienced the aha moments that accompany practices that release the body’s fascia there’s no going back. You know it. A subtle shift. A feeling of letting go. Maybe you haven’t been able to describe it in words. It’s an experience that needs to be felt. But you know it. You may have felt it in […]