About Omm Collective

At the heart of Omm Collective’s mission is the desire to help you. We understand the peaks and valleys of being a teacher, and want to make running and growing your business easy, simple and stress free.

Who are we?

Hollie Bradley – Dreamer and founder (and a yoga & pilates teacher)

I’ve always been a big dreamer, a lateral thinker and a devoted yogi. Very early on I knew I wanted to study yoga. I became a teacher at 24 and have added many other strings to my bow since then – including applied anatomy, massage, pilates, yin, photography and even a builders licence. I love a challenge, so when inspired by my husband to create a digital solution to help manage both mine and my friends’ careers, I jumped at the opportunity to start creating Omm Collective. I love what we have created so far, and the connections we are making along the way.

Fabian Snaith – Tech guru

I’m an IT professional of 13+ years, entrepreneur, and (most importantly) a dad. I’m quite new to yoga but have come a long way spiritually and physically thanks to practicing with Hollie! I’ve been a good friend of Hollie’s for years, so felt no hesitation in jumping on board and helping her bring her dream to life by taking care of the tech side of things.

Jessica Humphries – Motivator, writer and sharer of OMM love (and a yoga teacher)

I’m a yoga teacher, writer and editor for Australian Yoga Journal. I’ve been practicing and immersing myself in all things yoga for 14 years (with the occasional break to explore uni and the corporate world). My role at OMM is brainstorming ways to share the love, writing content and reminding Hollie of all the amazing places OMM is going to go!

How our journey began…

The best job in the world?

I (Hollie) live the life of a full time yoga & pilates teacher and have now for over a decade. I love teaching, but always do my best to create balance between work and play.

I have watched the community expand so quickly, especially in the last five years. As a result of this expansion, our diaries are full as we juggle clients and group classes.

Teaching is such a privilege and I’m sure you’ll agree – it’s the best job in the world! But, there is serious admin behind the scenes and my goal is to give us the time back to practice more and enjoy this beautiful life.

Finding the missing puzzle piece

As yoga & pilates teachers, we are generally healers, philosophers, and creatives – not business minded, methodical bookkeepers (perhaps despite our wishes or attempts). In my time in the industry I have never come across a single system that is specific enough to manage my business needs. Whether we like it or not, keeping track of all our bookings and managing our invoices is essential. With my background in the medical industry (a story for another time!), it has always bothered me that there is no requirement or specific facility (for the independent teacher) to keep a record of medical histories, injuries or progressions of our clients and classes.

The A-ha moment

I work at a large studio on the Gold Coast and the biggest issues have nothing to do with the quality of classes, but the frequency and consistency of teachers issuing their invoices and sometimes forgetting about class covers that they hadn’t scheduled into their diaries. After a meeting addressing these issues, I came home and discussed these painful industry points with my husband, who prompted me to create a solution.

I started dreaming up concepts, visualizing how to create simplicity in my own career – thus creating a valuable tool for other teachers. My original concept was much more complex, and after taking my first sketches to a friend and web developer, we decided to create the ultimate app for teachers as our first offering.

Bringing the dream to life

We have now launched OMM Collective and we couldn’t be happier with the amazing feedback we’re receiving. It’s such a joy to support the yoga and pilates community, creating space for people do focus on what they truly love.