Evolution of Omm

We have big dreams for the evolution of OMM! What started as a dream is now well underway and we plan to keep up the momentum.

Our mission is to create a platform that not only simplifies the business side of your yoga & pilates career, but also brings teachers and customers together.

We will be developing and releasing OMM Collective in stages so that you, our lovely users, can get a feel for the app and influence its progression. This means that we can respond to what’s needed and bring you the right solutions as soon as possible.

Right now

Stage 1 – Teacher Platform

This is a convenient platform that helps teachers run your business online using a smartphone or computer.

Right now, with OMM Collective app, you can

  • Manage all your bookings in a single calendar (including recurring bookings)
  • Keep notes for your students and classes (think recording class themes and playlist, equipment and student progressions or injuries)
  • Send invoices and payment receipts
  • Income reporting for tax purposes

Moving forward

Stage 2 – Customer Platform

Our next step will be to create the ability for customers to use the platform to interact, book and pay for sessions with the teacher they search for and find using the app.

During this stage, there will be more benefits for teachers, and we’ll start to introduce customers and studios to the app.

New benefits for teachers:

  • Connect with customers searching for teachers in your area
  • Live Availability – a new feature that allows clients to search for teachers available right now
  • Configure your availability for customers to book directly into your available sessions
  • Accept payment via credit card through the app

Benefits for customers:

  • Search for and create bookings
  • Find and connect with teachers wherever you are
  • Live Availability – find and connect with teachers in your location who are available right now
  • Automatically pay for your session via the app (or organise alternative payment with teacher)

Benefits for studios:

  • Connect with yoga & pilates teachers in your local area and beyond
  • Spend less time organsing class covers
  • Widen your teacher database
  • Effortlessly fill class covers – create a booking for your class then choose from available teachers who apply
  • Live Availability – Find covers who are available right now
  • Manage all cover bookings in a single calendar
  • Receive a single invoice from teachers spanning multiple classes
  • Export invoices and transactions (and import to Xero)

Stage 3 – Studio Management

During this stage we will bring our innovation to the studio, enhancing our platform to allow smooth and effective studio management.

This will include:

  • Customer management
  • Staff/teacher management
  • Group bookings
  • Key business reports
  • Much more…

We will be monitoring the progress of the app and responding to user feedback, which will support and guide us along the way.

Thank you for being a part of the OMM Evolution!

Please feel free to contribute your thoughts and suggestions by emailing us at [email protected]